Years of

People first

Business is about people. We are seeking Leaders with integrity, energy and intelligence.

Special businesses

We are looking for special companies with a large addressable market, tailwinds and attractive financials.

Diversified portfolio

Each company in the portfolio, is carefully chosen one at a time. Industry diversification further minimises risk.

We are seeking undiscovered gems that are below the radar of larger institutional funds.
This allows us an attractive entry valuation, re-rating potential and ultimately the three words we love: Margin of Safety.

Reasons why hundreds of investors have invested in the Fund


The UCITS’ open-ended structure allows daily dealing. Investors never suffer from NAV discounts as in investment trusts.


The Fund is FCA regulated and has multiple layers of oversight: ACD, Custodian and its own independent Board of Directors.


Our wide network allows us access to interesting opportunities such as discounted placings, liquidity events, IPOs and blocks of shares.

We do not…

We are investors in the Fund, so are friends and family. We are keen to attract like-minded investors into our Fund – but only after they have fully understood what we do.

We are also keen to share, in simple English…. what we do not do.

Try to be clever

We do not attempt to time the market. Our style does not involve algorithms or any other forms of black magic.

Copy the index

We do not hide behind any index or popular companies. Benchmark composition does not influence our portfolio construction.

Charge hidden fees

There is no entry or exit fee. There is no performance fees either.


We do not invest in binary outcomes or businesses that we do not understand. We are known for our no-nonsense approach

How to Invest

Invest directly

Through our UK based fund administrators

The above steps are required for the first time set up only.

For top-up investment, you do not need the form again.


YFS Sterling Select Companies Fund is available on several platforms. If your preferred platform is not listed please let us know.

Fund History

Greene & Co were stockbrokers who offered institutional broking and private client services.

In 1963, the firm set up the Discretionary Fund (18th unit trusts in the UK) to provide a collective investment scheme for their retail clients. The Fund management company remained a separate entity, though there was an overlap of directors and shareholders.