Trust underpins everything we do

We manage the Sterling Select Companies Fund, a collection of different businesses. Each is led by a leader we trust and admire.

We invest in overlooked, under-researched and mispriced companies.

We love what we do. We are investors in the Fund.

600x growth in 60 years.

For 60 years, our goal has been: deliver returns for our clients.

The Fund has grown investor capital 600 times and more.

What about ESG?

Every few years, our industry comes up with new “themes.” The latest fashion is Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

ESG considerations were naturally incorporated into our research process - long before ESG came under the public spotlight.

Sensible management teams understand the virtuous cycle of capital allocation, good business practices that work for all stakeholders. It is simple and we do not need to complicate it.

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    Happy Clients

25 Years

Of Experience in This Finance Advisory Company.

Long-term means long term

Our investment style does not involve day-trading, clever algorithms or any other forms of black magic (or short-cuts).

Nor do we have the power to turn people into overnight millionaires.

We typically invest in companies with a 3 to 5-year time horizon and often end up running our winners i.e. holding them for longer. We expect our investors to share our philosophy.

How do we do it

For over 60 years, the Fund has invested across a variety of different businesses.
Though we meet hundreds of companies every year, we are known to be picky and fussy.

We look for

People we trust

Trust underpins everything. Business is about people and we invest only in people we trust and admire.

Purposeful business

Our investment portfolio consists of good businesses that serve our society and make this world a better place.

Hidden gems

We deliberately seek out overlooked companies that are below the radar of larger institutional funds.

Our common-sense approach results in a portfolio that is distinct from other funds or index. Why don’t you compare our Fund holdings yourself ?

As an independent investment boutique, we invest with care and patience.
Hundreds of investors have invested with us since 1963.


We eat our own cooking – we are investors in the Fund ourselves. Similarly, we seek management teams which are fully aligned and invested in their own companies.


Our Company is regulated by the FCA. Our Fund, Sterling Select Companies Fund is open-ended and investors can exit the Fund any time they desire, without any discount.


Investors can access all our expertise and intensive research through ONE simple Fund holding. You can invest through many good platforms OR directly through our first-class administrators, Yealand, based in Peterborough.


The Fund seeks unique companies that are undervalued. Our Fund could easily complement your existing portfolio and also qualifies for SIPP and ISA investment. Compare our Fund holdings for yourself.