20 best funds of the 21st century,

ranking 3rd among 3000 plus funds.

The Sterling Select Companies Fund has been delivering returns since 1963.

An investment of £1000 would have grown to £1 million, and more. 

Client interests come first. We aspire to be the best not the largest. 

We invest like owners - responsibly and with care.


                   Trust underpins everything we do.  

What we do and how we do it

We are an independent investment boutique and manage money for hundreds of investors for the long term, with care and patience.

Our purpose is to compound our investors capital by investing in companies that serve a purpose.

Our common sense approach results in a portfolio that is distinct from other funds or index. Compare our Fund holdings for yourself.

People we trust

Trust underpins everything we do. We believe business is about people and invest only in people we trust and admire.

Purposeful businesses 

Our investment portfolio consists of good businesses that serve our society and make this world a better place.  

Invest in hidden gems

We deliberately seek out overlooked companies that are below the radar of larger institutional funds. 

Why have hundreds of individuals and families invested with us?


We believe in what we do - we are investors in the Fund ourselves.

Similarly, we seek owner-operated companies where managements are fully aligned, and invested.

Discount Protection

We are authorised and regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom.

The Fund is open ended. Unlike an investment trust,  our Fund cannot trade at a discount to NAV. 


Buying or selling units is easy and straightforward. 

Investors can access all of our expertise through one simple Fund holding.


Our unique companies could easily complement your existing portfolio.

Compare our Fund holdings for yourself.

Long-term means long term

Our Fund is the 18th oldest fund and has one of the longest track records of strong performance - dating back to 1963.

An investment of  £1,000  would have grown to..

Fund documents and the most up to date performance figures can be found on our latest factsheet, please  click here

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