Better. Different.

We focus on investing in equities of UK companies that fall below the radar of larger fund managers.

We approach the purchase of equity shares as if we were entering a business transaction; we think and behave like owners.

About Us

Sterling Investments is a London based independent fund management boutique established by Melwin Mehta. The purpose of the firm is to provide capital growth to like-minded investors by investing in high quality durable businesses – with a long-term approach.

Our ethos is marked by

We take care of our investor’s money and invest only after thorough research.
Whether it is life, business or investing, trust underpins everything we do. Hence our operating motto is Dictum Meum Pactum (my word is my bond).
We are here to deliver long-term, sustainable value – not short-term trading profits. We patiently wait and act only when the right opportunity emerges.


Melwin Mehta

Portfolio Manager

  • Melwin has been an analyst and portfolio manager for over 18 years.
  • Experience in Treasury Operations, Private Equity, Family Office and Hedge Fund.
  • CFA (Level 1 and 2), IMC (CFA Society of the UK) and B.Eng (Electrical).

James Bedford

Portfolio Monitoring

  • Experience spanning 32 years in financial markets, equites and investment funds. James is also a founding partner of Thornbridge.
  • Partner in equities team at Cazenove & Co
  • Managing Director in Funds team at JP Morgan Asset Management.

Patrick Hall

Regulation and Compliance

  • Patrick has 14 years of experience in fund regulation, fund structuring and compliance oversight. He is also a founding partner of Thornbridge.
  • FX and capital markets experience at Citibank and Chemical Bank
  • BSc, University of Bristol

Philosophy and Process

We focus on investing in under-researched and undervalued equities of small and medium-sized UK companies that fall under the radar of larger fund managers. We do not see stocks and shares as ticker symbols or pieces of paper but as buying part-ownership of the underlying business.

We seek mis-pricings i.e the difference between the price of a stock and the value of the underlying business, a rational buyer will pay. Once invested, we don’t trade in-and-out, we exercise patience and stay invested for years. In a market that is driven by short-term price movements, our long-term ownership mindset is a meaningful advantage.

We believe the team’s ability dramatically affects long-term equity value. Every year, we meet hundreds of companies face-to-face and undertake site visits to identify first-rate management teams.
Deep Research
We carry out comprehensive due diligence of both companies and industries and invest only in strong, high quality, growing businesses. Only few companies that meet our strict valuation criteria are bought. Portfolio churn and trading costs are kept low whilst holdings are closely monitored.
We want our companies to succeed. If needed, we will leverage our network and assist in finding new talent such as Directors, CXO, brokers and other specialists.

MI Discretionary Unit Fund

The MI Discretionary Unit Fund was launched in August 1963.

The Fund is a UCITS scheme investing in high quality companies that are below the radar of the bigger, more mainstream portfolios and therefore undervalued.

The Fund aims to provide long term growth of capital by investing in small and medium-sized UK equities that we believe have the potential to deliver returns over a long period of time.


This is an open-ended fund and NAV is calculated on every business day.

  • No Discount to NAV. The Fund structure enables investors to invest and redeem their investments at the calculated NAV. Unlike Investment Trusts and closed-ended companies, investors do not suffer any “discount to NAV” in this UCITS structure. Investors realise the full NAV. The Fund is audited by KPMG.
  • Immediate Liquidity. If investors fill out the redemption form they can get their money back within 2 days – without worrying about “When they will get their money back?” The Fund is FCA regulated, overseen by the ACD and the board of directors.

Why investors choose our Fund


Access. Business is about people. We meet hundreds of companies every year and also undertake site visits. We invest in businesses led by people we trust and admire.


Business. Our portfolio is a fine collection of growing businesses that serve a niche market, are building a lasting franchise or have hidden value.


Convenience. The Fund offers investors the convenience of a single diversified holding and is exempt from capital gains tax.


Different. We do not hug the index or invest in popular stocks. In fact, we deliberately focus on overlooked and unknown companies trading at attractive valuations.


Excellence. The fund has multiplied investor capital 1000x. As per audited NAV calculation i.e. an investment of £1,000 on 8th August 1963 would be worth more than £1,000,000 on 8th August 2018.

Investment Information


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How to invest

Please fill the Application Form above and send it to
Maitland Institutional Services Ltd, Customer Service Centre
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Phone: 0345 305 4216
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For information on the Company or the Fund, contact us at:

Sterling Investments Management Ltd
13 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HE


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