What Can You Expect From Us – If You Invest In Our Fund

Of course, we are seeking capital growth but for us, capital preservation comes first, then capital growth. Hence, we stay away from businesses that we do not understand. Call us conservative but we are also unconventional.

Our operating ethos:

  • Care: We take care of our investor’s money. We are naturally aligned because we are investors in the fund too.
  • Trust: We only invest in companies we know and trust. Whether it is life, business, or investing, trust underpins everything we do.  The basis of our day-to-day dealings is ‘dictum meum pactum’ (‘my word is my bond’ in Latin).
  • Patience: We are here to deliver long-term, sustainable value, not short-term trading profits. We have endured market cycles and are wired to be patient and “do nothing”. We act only when the right opportunity emerges.

We are not index huggers, quite the opposite. Hence, it is highly unlikely that our performance would mirror the index. We invest with a 3 to 5-year view and our style would be suitable for you, only if your time horizon is a long term by which we mean 5 years and more.

In short, we would treat you exactly how we would like to have been be treated if you were managing our money. We will be open and we will be honest.

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