Our portfolio companies may be listed in the UK but they have operations across continents and are globally competitive.

Avon is a provider of life critical personal protection systems in respiratory and ballistic protection

Quick Facts

Founded In: 1885 

FY 20 Revenue: £168m

Number of Employees: 929

Revenue Split: US 91%, Europe 9%


Bilby Plc is a services company providing central heating and electrical maintenance.

Quick Facts

Founded In: 2009 

FY 20 Revenue: £65m

Number of Employees: 343

Revenue Split: UK 100%


Codemasters is a video game producer that specialises in driving and racing games.

Quick Facts

Founded In: 1986

FY 20 Revenue: £76m

Number of Employees: 578

Revenue Split: US 40%, UK 10%, Others 50%


Computacenter provides technology infrastructure services to a range of corporate clients, principally within the UK and Europe.

Quick Facts

Founded In: 1981

FY 19 Revenue: £5052m

Number of Employees: 16067

Revenue Split: Germany 38%, UK 31%, Others 31% 


GB Group specialises in identity data intelligence, providing its customers with a range of solutions for vetting of customers and employees.

Quick Facts

Founded In: 1989

FY 20 Revenue: £199m

Number of Employees: 1000

Revenue Split: UK 44%, US 26%,

Others 30%


Genedrive provides molecular diagnostics solutions and specialises in PCR technology.

Quick Facts

Founded In: 2000

FY 20 Revenue: £1m

Number of Employees: 41

Revenue Split: UK 56%,

Others 44%


Hill & Smith is a manufacturer of infrastructure products and galvanising services, with a history dating back to the early 19th century.

Quick Facts

Founded In: 1824 

FY 19 Revenue: £695m

Number of Employees: 4856

Revenue Split: UK 41%, North America 38%, Others 21%


HEiQ excels in functional textile technologies; its IP can improve cooling, warming, water repellence and odour prevention in textiles.

Quick Facts

Founded In: 2005 

FY 19 Revenue: $28m

Number of Employees: 150

Revenue Split: Americas 61%, Asia 25%, Others 14%


ICG is a global alternative asset management company, providing debt and equity capital to both private and public companies.

Quick Facts

Founded In: 1989 

FY 20 Revenue: £413m

Number of Employees: 408

Revenue Split: Europe 69%, America 23%, Asia Pacific 8%



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Over the last fifty plus years of the Fund’s existence, we have bought and sold many companies. The companies mentioned above reflect our investments as of 31st December 2020 and are subject to change, anytime and without any announcement or notice, due to corporate activity or general portfolio operation.