With our depth of investment experience and wide network, particularly in the UK small and mid-cap arena, we provide the following services on a discretionary basis:

AIM Portfolios for Inheritance Tax Planning

Effective inheritance tax planning is an important consideration for those with larger estates. A well chosen portfolio of AIM stocks qualifying for Business Property Relief can help to mitigate inheritance tax concerns. In partnership with your tax and financial advisor, we can construct AIM portfolios based on your risk bearing capacity: low, medium or high.

Entrepreneurial Success

If you have successfully sold a business, firstly, we congratulate you. Your next challenge is to invest the proceeds judiciously. Undoubtedly, you are business savvy but investing requires, in our view, a totally different mindset. We can help you construct a portfolio based on your age, risk profile, family needs and future plan. We are not incentivised to sell you any particular product, so you can expect our advice to be independent, impartial and value adding. To be clear, we are not an IFA. However, we can work with your chosen IFA and construct a portfolio to suit your needs.

General Equity Portfolio Reviews

We offer portfolio review services to ensure that your portfolio is fit for purpose. This service could also be used as a bridge between one fund manager leaving and a new one arriving or you may simply want a “second opinion,” providing you with the assurance and peace of mind that your current portfolio is designed to deliver what you desire.

Due Diligence of Key Personnel

Business is about people. Whether you are recruiting a fund manager or backing an entrepreneur, we can help you interview and conduct background checks through our wide network. All activities will be undertaken with the upmost discretion.

Non-Executive Directors

We know the players and the characters. You may be an entrepreneur, strategic investor or an external investor and you may want to infuse your Board with some high quality NEDs (rather than the ones who love the fees and yes, the biscuits). We can use our network to ensure that you make the right selection of personnel in this important area.

Family Office Services

Given our background of working with family offices, we are able to construct portfolios on a multi-generation basis – to serve both current and future generations alike. We have also undertaken several financial education assignments, to enable all members of the family to understand investing and portfolio holdings. In our experience, all family members can fully participate in family meetings only if they are financially aware.

We believe the above services will, meaningfully, provide you with peace of mind about the people you are backing or the companies you are invested in. Whether or not an NDA is signed, all assignments are undertaken in the strictest confidence.
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