A Family Office structure allows tighter control over family wealth.But one size never fits all.Allow your portfolio to reflect your needs,be it wealth preservation, growth, or passing on wealth to the next generation. We can undertake AIM IHT portfolios for sophisticated accounts exceeding eight figures.

Wealth is useless if you are still worrying about it…. we do the worrying for you leaving you all the time to enjoy your wealth.

As money managers in listed equities, we have price sensitive “inside information” every other week.
Meaning, we know how to deal with any private information and youcan be 110% confident; you  retain full control as to which family member is involved,and to what extent.

A seamless web of deserved trust

Your current position

Matriarch or Patriarch

A high earning CEO
or Company Director

An entrepreneur who
has sold a business

desired outcome

  • Manageable matrix
  • Eliminate duplication
  • and reduce costs
  • Diversified portfolio
  • Execution expertise
  • Exposure to attractive, high growth companies 
  • Regular income

What you can
expect from us

  • Simplified crossholdings
  • Educational approach, involving nextgen
  • Full transparency
  • Independent execution
  • Derisk portfolio
  • Construction and portfolio management
  • Our holistic view, beyond your own sector expertise

we deliver

  • Hassle free solution
  • First-hand experience of dealing with Family intricacies
  • We meet 300 companies every year; you benefit from our wide network and industry knowledgelio
  • Deserved attention to your portfolio
  •  Free time for you to enjoy your success
Your existing internal or external
Team Sterling

Full time employees and younger family members are often uncomfortable airing their frank views. When they do, they are often ignored by Family Seniors.

We are commercial and pursue success

• As an external party, we can ensure that your internal team including family members are accountable and driven for success. We will call a spade a spade Outcomes are measured objectively, without biases or any conflict of interest

Generally speaking, family finances are all over the place. Structure is missing and no one dare call the emperor naked..

We are unbiased and independent

• We have worked in a Family Office and are conscious of family dynamics. • We believe having someone honest at the table is a worthy pursuit • We offer contrarian views

Often bankers have to meet targets and sell products with loaded fees. They also buy you a Wimbledon ticket-with your own money of course.

We do not have hidden fees

We do not sell you products you don't need nor do we have a banking arm to convince you to borrow unnecessarily You know what you pay and the value we add to your team

A full-time employee is a big expense that many portfolios may not need. It may be even worse when they justify their presence by trading in-and-out to look "busy." There are slower ways to destroy your family wealth..

We are specialist investors but also inactive

We see ourselves as a specialist brain surgeon-you need a good one but not on a full- time basis When it comes to investing, frequent trading "activity" does not translate to better outcomes. Instead, our approach is to buy, monitor and let our winners compound and do the hard work.

Our approach

Our advice is straightforward – and can be what a Family may not want to hear (but know it in their hearts).

We do not kick the can down the road. By doing what is needed, even if it means getting our hands dirty, we avoid unpleasant surprises.

All activities are undertaken with integrity and respect for confidentiality.

We do not undertake any retail activity nor do we hold any client money.

What is the purpose of your wealth ?

If wealth is managed well, it often means life is well managed too.

Sadly, we have seen wealth become suffocating or frivolous and even a burden.

Ultimately, wealth should serve you and allow you to spend time on the big picture and live a life without worry while retaining full control.

What is the use of all the wealth if there is no peace of mind?

Family office bootcamp

We have undertaken educational programs for the wider family.