HeiQ is three-in-one company: Scientific research, Specialty materials manufacturing and Consumer ingredient branding, all for improving the lives of billions of people by adding functionalities to all kinds of materials.

HeiQ excels in functional textile technologies; its IP can improve cooling, warming, water repellence and odour prevention in textiles.

Some of its technologies include:

HeiQ Viroblock is a patent-pending combination of vesicle and silver technologies. This antiviral and antibacterial agent is suited for all kinds of textiles, including single-use, non-woven textiles for medical wear, such as protective face masks and surgical gowns, as well as daily clothing and home textiles such as mattresses and curtains.

Silver-free HeiQ Fresh is a family of sustainable and highly effective odor control and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) management technologies that turns textiles into odor adsorber or air purifier!

HeiQ Smart Temp is a revolutionary textile technology that provides fabrics with the ability to interact with body temperature and dynamically respond to body heat.

HeiQ Eco Dry is a family of eco-friendly, non-PFC based water repellent textile technologies which provide protection against water and water-based stains for all types of fabric, including those made of luxury fibers which need water repellence after multiple dry cleaning.