Sterling Investment Management

CEO Carlo Centonze is the driving force behind HeiQ, a leader in textile innovation. Conceived during a hike in the Swiss Alps in 2005, today the business has established 10 patent families and over 600 brand partnerships worldwide. Recent results confirmed a consistent performance, with sales in the year to 31 December 2021 up 15%, to $57m. HeiQ has also undertaken some sensible acquisitions; sustainable products specialist RAS AG and probiotics firm Chrisal.

One common theme that readers will observe in our holdings is our focus on three things: management, management, and management. In each case, these leaders run their businesses with a true ownership mindset and they love what they do. In our opinion, they are not principally driven by financial gain. Instead, they care for company culture and play to win while delivering value to customers and all stakeholders.

We like to focus on good companies but prefer ones that are undiscovered and under-researched. These companies also have limited broker coverage and we like to buy them before others identify their attractions.

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